Salchichon Cular Ibérico Bellota (Acorn Fed)


Salchichon Cular Ibérico Bellota: Dry-cured sausage made from premium acorn-fed Iberian pork

Origin: Castilla y Leon, Spain

Weight: You choose the portion you'd like, and we cut it to size for you.

This is our highest quality Salchichon, with sweet, salty and nutty flavours, and a luxuriously buttery texture thanks to the acorn diet of the Ibérico pigs. It is produced by Nieto Marin, a family run company founded in 1925, located in Salamanca, Spain. This sausage is know as "Campania", meaning that it is made with simple ingredients (acorn fed pork, salt, spices and garlic) and it is naturally cured using traditional artisan techniques with no additives or preservatives. We source whole Salchichons, each measuring approximately 60cm in length, and we then sell the sausage by weight, cutting off the desired portion.

Serve at room temperature, and hand slice with a sharp knife. Serve as it is, on a charcuterie board, with tapas or in a sandwich.


More on Ibérico Bellota products:

Ibérico Bellota pork products are produced through traditional Spanish pig breeding and dry-curing techniques. Ibérico pigs are a small breed of black pigs from the Iberian Peninsula of Spain and Portugal, known as "Pata Negra" in Spanish, which translates to "Black Hoof" in English. These pigs roam in fields and oak forests, feeding on grasses, herbs, and roots. They are able to store fat in their muscle tissue, which is the secret to the delicious flavour and texture of Iberian ham. During the winter, some Pata Negra are fattened on acorns, known in Spanish as "Bellota". Acorns are full of oleic acid (omega 9), which transfers into theIbéricoham, giving it similar properties to Olive Oil, and making it beneficial for cholesterol. These acorn-fed pigs are selected to create Ibérico Bellota ham, which has a famously melt-in-the-mouth buttery texture.