Parmigiano Reggiano 2 Years Old

Parmigiano regianno is known as the king of cheeses and with good reason. It is made in huge 40kg wheels and the rules of production are unchanged for 700 years. It is made from raw milk that has to be of the highest quality, or the cheese will "blow" in the ageing process.

We buy our parmigiano at 2 years directly from the Millanello dairy (no 257), that is a cooperative of local farmers. The dairy and farms are situated exactly between Parma and Reggio Emelia. This area, known as the "Terra di Canossa" is the original place of parmesan production from the twelth century, hence the local parmesans have numbers that are under 1000. The cows are fed on pasture that is abundant in herbs and grass varieties and unchanged for hundreds of years.

Parmesan is extremely digestible, and is indisipensible for use in true Italian cooking.

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