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Black Moroc Olives dressed with Herbes de Provence


Black Moroc Olives dressed with Parsley, Rosemary & Herbes de Provence

Origin: Morocco 


We dress Black Moroc olives with fresh parsley, rosemary sprigs and dried Herbes de Provence. Black Marocs are an intense dry Beldi olive with a rich flavour and a fleshy texture. The olives are allowed to mature fully, developing a very dark colour. After harvest they are dry cured in salt, which is what differentiates them from most olives which are preserved in brine. 

Fridge Life: 4 days. Store your olives in the fridge, removing them about half an hour before you serve. We dress our olives with Extra Virgin olive oil which solidifies in the fridge, and needs time to thaw. Your olives will look and taste best at room temperature.


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