Marseille Soap (Savon de Marseille)


Marseille Soap (Savon de Marseille)

Origin: France 

Weight: 400g 

  • Solid soap, made with 72% vegetable oil including olive oil
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals
  • Contains no artificial colouring, additives, preservatives or palm oil
  • The Savon de Marseille cube is particularly economical as it lasts long time, especially if it is left to dry out in between uses
  • Appropriate for all skin types. Recommended by dermatologists for dry and sensitive skin because of its gentle nature, natural ingredients and moisturising qualities
  • Can be used to wash hands, body, hair and even laundry.

More about Savon de Marseille: This soap is made by the Marius Fabre family, one of the last remaining traditional Marseille soap makers, active since 1900. Marseille Soap is produced in compliance with century-old techniques and traditions, established by “Savon de Marseille” under the rule of Louis XIV some 600 years ago. A mixture of olive oil, alkaline ash from sea plants and Mediterranean Sea salted water is heated for ten days in antique cauldrons, then poured into open pits where it hardens. It is then cut into cubes, stamped, and finally the soaps are set out to dry in the sun and the Mistral winds of Southern France.