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Pimenton Powder Dulce


Pimenton Powder Dulce: Sweet Smoked Paprika 

Origin: Extremadura, Spain.

Weight: 125g

We carry a Pimenton supplied to us by our Chorizo producer in Extremadura, who uses this very power in his own Chorizo and Lomo recipes. Extremadura is the home of Pimenton, which is known locally as "red gold". Pimentos Dulce is a sweet smoked paprika, and is much more flavoursome than standard paprika.

Pimenton is an amazing cooking essential, and will add depth and intense flavour to any meat or vegetarian sauce stew or roast. Pimenton is often served uncooked, sprinkled on cheeses, pastas, salads, and can be incorporated into marinades and dressings.


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