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Italian Basil Pesto


Italian Basil Pesto Jar 

Origin: Italy 

Weight: small (180g) or large (650g)

This jar of Italian basil pesto is a classic, made from natural high quality ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, basil, pine nuts, cashews, parmesan, pecorino, salt and garlic. Once opened, this jar of pesto lasts very well in the fridge and is great value for those who wish to have pesto on hand at all times. Serve with antipasti or tapas, use in pasta dishes, dressings and marinades.

This pesto lasts very well unopened. Once open, your pesto will last 1 week in the fridge, but can last up to 1 month if you take the following steps: Clean the inside of the glass jar and smooth down the remaining pesto. Then cover with a generous layer of olive oil, so that all the pesto is under oil. This will preserve the pesto and ensure it's longevity in your fridge.

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