About Toons Bridge Dairy

Toons Bridge Dairy is our sister company and based in the heart of the historic Irish artisan food area of West Cork. We work with raw buffalo, cow and sheep milk to make over 12 varieties of cheese. We specialise in Southern Mediterranean cheese styles, particularly pasta filata or stretched curd cheeses. Please visit the Toons Bridge site here.

Our head cheese maker, Franco Picciuolo, hails from the heartland of buffalo mozzarella production, and has been making pasta filata cheese since he was eleven. His innovation and experimentation are key to the range of cheeses made by Toons Bridge Dairy

Toons Bridge also has a shop and pizza restaurant open Friday to Sunday.         

 "We used to sell imported buffalo mozzarella, and then came up with the idea of making our own!"

We started in 2009 when we asked our neighbour Johnny Lynch to import a herd of buffalo from Italy to milk on his farm. We have since diversified into working with local shepherd Vincenzo La Manna and his flock of sheep as well as several local cow herds.