Toons Bridge Dairy Cacio Cavallo Dolce


Toons Bridge Dairy Cacio Cavallo Dolce

Origin: Made in our Dairy at Toonsbridge, Macroom, West Cork.

Price: €25/kg

  • Cacio Cavallo Dolce is a pear shaped cheeses, made with raw cow's milk, whey starters and calf rennet
  • This cheese reaches maturity early, between only 6 to 8 weeks
  • The texture is smooth with some small eyes
  • This cheese is known as "Dolce" which is the Italian word for sweet, but it is also slightly acidic meaning that it also has a bit of bite
  • Each Cacio Cavallo Dolce weighs approximately 1 kg, and we sell them whole, or by the half. 

Fridge Life: 2 weeks