Trio of French Soaps


Trio of Marius Fabre Soaps

Christmas Orders: Please place your order by 10am on Wednesday the 20th of December at the latest.

Origin: France 

Price: €13.50

Three bars of soap (250g each) with scents of our choosing, such as Honeysuckle, Lavender, Sweetbriar Rose, Jasmine or Verbena. Beautifully wrapped with ribbon and gift tag, a lovely simple Christmas present. 

  • Made with 72% vegetable oil including olive oil
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals
  • Contains no artificial colouring, additives, preservatives.
  • Appropriate for all skin types. Recommended by dermatologists for dry and sensitive skin because of its gentle nature, natural ingredients and moisturizing qualities.
  • Can be used to wash hands, body, hair and even laundry.
  • This soap is made by the Marius Fabre family, one of the last remaining traditional Marseille soap makers, active since 1900.