Cultured Butter

Cultured Butter

We now produce real Irish country butter! We've taken inspiration from a traditional recipe used in Campania, where butter is made from raw cream which has been allowed to ripen with thermophilic bacteria. We've then added our own twist by using cream that we capture during our authentic Mozzarella making process. Read on to find out how we do this!

When we make our Mozzarella, we add whey starter to ripen the milk, followed by rennet which coagulates the milk and turns it into curd. We then hand manipulated and stretched the curd in hot water. This causes the curd’s consistency to change, transforming into a large smooth mass which we then portion out and shaped into balls. 

The action of stretching the curd is a Southern Italian technique known as Pasta Filata (see image below). It is during this part of the process that the curd releases excess cream. Often, this cream is thrown out, but we capture it and save it in order to make our cultured butter. Waste not want not! 


Stretching the curd 


Our butter retains the flavour profile of the Mozzarella, making it extra tasty and full of complexity. It's also packed with gut-friendly bacteria thanks to the wonderful raw grass-fed cow’s milk that we use, and the fact that we allow the milk to ripen with whey starter. Even better, the process of stretching the Mozzarella gives the cream a very soft texture, which is why our butter is so creamy and luxurious.

We sell our cultured butter in both salted and unsalted versions, and it can be used in the same way that you'd use any butter, just expect plenty more flavour! A bit of salted cultured butter on toast is the perfect simple comfort food. We also recommend using our cultured butter for cooking; lightly fry mushrooms or asparagus with cultured butter and a touch of fresh garlic, the taste is superb! 



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  • Rebecca Davies