Toonsbridge Straw Smoked Scamorza.

Our cheese maker Franco is experimenting with different cheeses, and has smoked some of the scamorzas with the Neapolitan method of using straw. This results in a fast cold smoke that has a very distinct flavour if you are used to wood smoke. We will have this for sale on some of our markets this weekend, Limerick, Ennis, Midleton, and the Toonsbridge shop.


We are also smoking some mozzarella and will have this more often on the market stalls. We have also sent a 30kgs of  buffalo caciocavallo (which translates as horse cheese down to the The West Cork Smokehouse, who also sells all o f the olives down in West Cork.

Caciocavallo hanging in the dairy. These are long ripening pasta filata cheese. 

Blue buffalo cheese (before it has gone blue!).


Mo Kelly
Mo Kelly


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