About Toonsbridge Dairy

The Toonsbridge Dairy began production in 2011, but was the culmination of a two year adventure between Real Olive founder, Toby Simmonds, and his neighbouring farmer Johnny Lynch. The idea was concieved late on a St Patricks evening back in 2009, when it was discussed whether Johnny's cow milk could be made in to a product for the Real Olive Company. The following day, Johnny was shown a Youtube video of water buffalo in England, and the question was popped! With in a week the two went over to England, and shook hands on the venture.

Toonsbridge Dairy Shop

Toonsbridge Dairy Shop

THE REAL OLIVE COMPANY and TOONS BRIDGE DAIRY last summer opened a little shop beside our warehouse and buffalo dairy in the old creamery, Toons Bridge, near Macroom, West Cork.

Cafe Opening Days - Times

  • Friday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Saturday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Toonsbridge News / Press

Nigel Slater’s feta cheese recipes

No fridge is complete without the classic Greek cheese. Whether baked with beetroot or in an omelette with caramelised onion, feta offers a salty, lip-tingling hit

Toonsbridge Dairy Buffalo Ricotta

Ricotta is a whey cheese, literally meaning recooked and is used as fresh as possible. It's delicacy makes it suitable for savoury or sweet use. Buffalo ricotta is a soft white, very slightly sweet cheese.

Toonsbridge Dairy Buffadelphia

Whole buffalo milk soft cheese. Very mild, sweet and creamy flavour. Buffalo milk has naturally low cholestrol and is very high in calcium. Very suitable for desserts and spreads. We often sell it on the stalls mixed with chives or wild garlic.

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Toonsbridge Dairy Buffalo Feta Style

Feta style cheese in brine. Creamier than sheep's milk, buffalo milk has naturally low cholesterol, and is very high in calcium. Versatile for use in salads, sandwiches and baking

Toonsbridge Dairy Buffalo Mozzarella

Our own buffalo mozzarella, available in 140g, 250g or 20g boconcini. Mozzarella should be eaten as fresh as possible, fresh mozarella has a unique texture among cheeses. Classically used sliced with ripe tomato and basil, but it lends itself to a multitude of wonderful uses.